Solar Products Manufacturer in India

Solar Home Lighting & Electrification System

PV (Photovoltaic) standalone home lighting system is the need of the hour. The government spends billions of rupees in kerosene subsidy, being the basic fuel which is consumed in most of the households. By replacing the kerosene based lighting system with PV lighting system, we will not only receive a great improvement in the quality of lighting but also reduce health and safety risks. The system could be used for fans, bulbs, television sets or any other household appliances. It is a tremendous measure to create a sustainable supply of energy which is also affordable, invariably helping people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Solar Water Heating System

PV application is in vogue in Solar water heating system, especially in hotels, resorts, big apartments, houses etc and this is bound to grow exponentialls in the years ahead.


Solar Charged Telecom Towers

Cellular telephone base stations and towers spread across the country offer large opportunities for replacement of Diesel Generator sets. PV charged towers will offer excellent alternative for telecom towers in remote, rural and un-electrified areas.

Off grid roof top and ground mounted domestic and commercial applications

Rooftop/ground mounted Photo Voltaic (PV) installations are one of the major off-grid solar energy utilisation schemes. One of the best features of rooftop solar PV systems is that they can be permitted and installed faster than other types of renewable power plants. They’re clean, quiet, and visually unobtrusive. New generations of PV roofing products utilize designs that allow them to be integral parts of the roof, providing both electricity and shelter from the elements.


Solar Pumps

This is an enormous market as 70% of India’s population is involved in agriculture and small and subsistence farmers are entirely dependent on variable rainfall and ground water. It is estimated that electricity consumption by pump sets alone accounts for 10%-15% of India’s total electric consumption. PV based pumps will not only off-set this huge consumption of electricity but also replace diesel/kerosene for many million pumps.