Best Rooftop solar panels for converting your home into renewable homes.

Best Rooftop Solar Panels

Roof Top Solar: Best Rooftop solar panels for converting your home into renewable homes.

Despite the substantial worry about global warming and consumption of natural energy resources, it’s high time to think and safeguard our energy resources for the future. India is the largest and fastest growing economy, especially in the manufacturing segment demanding for uninterrupted power supply to run smoothly and meet the market demand. India’s energy medium is heavily reliant on energy supplied from coal and water resources. After decades of resistance, the world has now reached a tipping point to promote technologies that will make the usage of renewable energy mainstream and accessible to all.

Several Indian firms have begun to engage in the market to provide renewable energy mediums such as solar energy and other sustainable energy. Among various sustainable energy media, solar energy may be the sole medium that residential clients can consider changing too. Energy derived from the sun is considered to be the powerhouse for the entire solar system as conventionally the energy derived from the sun can only replace all available power mediums.

With a mission to provide the best rooftop solar panels, Saatvik started its manufacturing unit with an initial production capacity of 100 MW in 2016 exponentially growing to 1.5 GW in just a short period of time.

Saatvik is recognized as the leading brand that manufactures high-quality solar PV modules for rooftop and utility projects. Our rooftop solar panels are manufactured by accomplishing the most advanced technology, Saatvik manufactures and supplies Mono perc Half Cut, Bifacial, and Polycrystalline solar modules for solar power rooftop projects across the country.

Energy derived from the sun can be a medium to generate the required power for running electric home appliances and gadgets. Recently, Rooftop Solar systems have gained exponential demand due to the continuous rise in electricity bills and government supporting renewable mediums providing benefits and support at different levels. As we can witness on a global level the consumption of available resources for generating power has been utilized extensively allowing natural fossil fuel consumption at a rapid speed, and alternative measures are been looked for.

A solar PV rooftop system is essentially a tiny power plant installed on your roof. Installing a rooftop solar system assures huge savings on your monthly electricity bills predicted to be nearly about 30 to 40%. Using solar modules for power generation will not only ensure big savings in your pockets but will surely witness a massive change towards the environment as well by reducing carbon emission footprints.

Our solar panels in the industry are recognized as the best rooftop solar panels for delivering unmatched and high performance even during week lights. Our experienced team of professionals dealing with rooftop solar systems guides and takes you through the complete ownership details regarding the installation methods and procedures during their consultation visit making you aware of the working of the system and applications methods installed.

Awareness against carbon emission-free India is pacing up the speed as industries, commercial spaces, business offices, and even residential societies are now converting their energy mediums toward renewable sources, and the first preference towards any renewable mediums is given to rooftop solar. Rooftop solar installation is done in three formats: grid-based, off-grid, and
hybrid systems, all of which are linked to the larger grid held by the local utility.

The rooftop solar system consumes power from the grid and supplies power through AC distribution boards. A rooftop solar power system, or rooftop PV System generally is installed & mounted on supporting structures over the roof and as compared to utility-scale generates and generates the required energy for electrical appliances running at homes.

Any installation done for panels on the rooftop applies certain parameters for generating the required electric current, panels
installed in the grid-based format generates the required current and supply it to a storage medium basically known as inverters which are connected for power storage purposes.

In a country like India where coal is used as a dominant source for generating electricity, conversion toward renewable energy is pacing up the speed and various government support measures are announced in time to educate the consumer.

Lack of awareness among end consumers regarding using the best rooftop solar panels is always a concern. It makes them stay away from technological updates and unaware of the benefits of converting normal homes into renewable Homes. Multiple companies and manufacturers are claiming and offering the best rooftop solar panels, but in actuality what matters is the
delivery and performance of the product.

Best Rooftop Solar Panels for Industrial Applications:-

Today not only residential properties are in need of renewable energy mediums even industries want to save big on their electricity expenses, as most of the industries after covid have become more cost cautious. Multiple companies are in touch with industry leaders offering the best rooftop solar panels and EPC services for their power requirements. Solar-powered factories often have a rooftop space that may be used to install solar PV panels. It can provide a portion of the factory’s electrical needs. Solar power adds value, particularly in the case of enterprises, because it may counter peak usage.

Industries searching for the best rooftop solar panels earlier used to prefer monoperc and polycrystalline solar PV modules for rooftop installations as they have higher conversion power, But as innovations are progressing at a faster pace introduction of bifacial modules has changed the demand in the market as it can convert energy from both the sides delivering high WP power.

Benefits of using Rooftop Solar Panels:-

  • Save huge upfront costs on monthly electricity expenses.
  • Reduces carbon footprints
  • Low Maintenance costing
  • Best suitable for Indian Climate
  • Government support

Huge upfront costs on monthly electricity expenses:-

By installing rooftop modules one can save upfront on huge expenses done monthly paying electricity bills. Rooftop solar tariff rates are 17 percent and 27 percent cheaper than industrial and commercial tariff rates, respectively. The ongoing trend and support by the government have created a new trend in solar as they have been more affordable seeking the benefits and easy operational usage companies are now preferring solar energy for their electricity usage and undoubtedly will benefit in the coming years.

Reduces Carbon Footprints

By using Saatvik’s Best quality solar modules one can ensure and contribute to a greener environment. From the installation of the panels to the power supplied by PV cells, there are no health risks and no heat-trapping gases that contribute to global climate change. Adopting best-quality rooftop solar panels is one of the greatest power generating mediums available today for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

Low Maintenance Costing

Installing a rooftop solar system is the finest and most efficient way to meet your electricity needs. Solar panels require fewer maintenance practices as compared to other mediums as it does not require cleaning on regular basis, cleaning is required for panels on a monthly basis making it much easier and safer to use as compared to other electricity mediums.

Most solar roofs have a 25-year life expectancy, making them a worthwhile investment. There are no significant costs associated. We have a system, and asset management technology that monitors the health and maintenance of your solar panels, so you will be notified as soon as an issue arises.

Best Suitable for Indian Climate:-

India has seen a tremendous variation in weather, with some places being extremely hot and others having greater humidity levels. The finest aspect of the Indian climate is that the sun shines on the country for more than 320 days out of the year. Required sunlight Geographical location of India is mapped in a way that it receives the most required sunlight throughout the year and is compatible with usage by the solar industry to generate solar energy for generating electricity. Each year, India offers one of the greatest conditions in the world for harnessing solar energy, with about 320 bright days with a clear sky.

Government Support

The Government is providing Financial Assistance for the installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants at a rate of 30% of the benchmark cost (including the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of MNRE, if available) or Rs. 20000/- per kWp, whichever is less, to users of all eligible categories of users for power plants ranging from 1 kWp to 500 kWp.

Most easy application usage solar panels?

The most frequently asked question while the survey on renewable mediums was conducted by several research agencies was how easy is to install rooftop solar panels for residential applications and how we can identify the best rooftop solar panels for our homes. Consulting a solar expert will surely help you get your query resolved. One can easily install rooftop panels on his roof as it hardly requires any special modification or an additional structure. Yes installing bifacial modules requires a certain additional white surface as it passes the sun rays reflecting from the ground and converts the same into power.

Saatvik Green energy solar experts are available round the clock to help you through choosing the best rooftop solar panels for your residential, commercial, and industrial usage. Get in touch with our solar experts and convert your normal homes into smart renewable homes.

Solar energy is the best-suited renewable energy medium that saves huge on your monthly electricity expenses as compared to conventional energy mediums. Solar panels generate the required amount of electricity as per their Wp and pass in to a Solar Inverter which converts the energy captured and passes the required current.  Rooftop Solar In terms of environmental effects, solar electricity is far superior to fossil fuels. Coal and natural gas have the upper hand in terms of dependability. The most direct comparison of solar energy to fossil fuels is in terms of cost, where solar has swiftly caught up with its non-renewable competitors.

Getting solar system installed at homes has become easy nowadays, even installing rooftop solar panels as compared to previous time have become much cheaper. Several government schemes have also raised awareness against using solar panels for energy usage in homes.

For installing just search for a Solar EPC service provider nearby or apply the same on channels available. There will be an inspection done at your home and accordingly they will suggest you the power load that will be required to run household items.

Rooftop Solar panels help you generate electricity from natural resources that is the sun, it helps convert sun rays into energy and that energy can be stored in inverter for usage. During weak lights the energy conversion can be low. The solar panel has solar PV cells that operate on light rather than heat from the sun, therefore it makes little difference if it is cold, overcast, or foggy. PV cells function better in cooler temperatures since all they need is sunshine and a steady supply of power from your solar cell array.



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